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Top tips for cool conservatories

If you’ve got a conservatory you’d like to make the most of it, we’ve got some tips we’d like to share. Follow our ideas for a conservatory that keeps its cool – when it comes to temperature and looks.

Cool… as in brrrr

If the thermostat is rising in your conservatory this summer, fret not. Our fab blind range can help. Any blind will help you control the temperature to a certain degree – being able to shade yourself from the blazing sun is an age-old way to keep rooms from feeling like saunas.

Ulu Primrose (2)

But if you want your blinds to work that little bit harder, we’ve got a seriously clever solution. Try our EcoPleat Pleated blinds. View them in profile and you’ll notice they’re made up of a nifty honeycomb structure, to help trap the air and keep your space temperate (whatever the weather’s up to).

Combine them with Perfect Fit frames that simply clip into your uPVC windows, and you’ve got a match made in heaven for conservatories.

Cool… as in trendy

Conservatories are rooms full of glass, so wall space is limited. That’s why pretty blinds are the perfect way to express your style. It’s also the place to experiment with bold colours – sunlight shining through blinds will wash out the colour slightly, so you can afford to go a little brighter than you might if you were painting the walls. Go on, take a risk…

Luna-Blue-Vertical-Blind Hillarys Nme

And it’s not just Pleated and Perfect Fit blinds that love conservatories. Verticals are great – they can span huge widths and drops (not to mention the swish colours they come in) – while patterned Rollers will jazz up the space. Imagine how gorgeous this jazzy fabric below would look in a conservatory!

Waves Orange

The number one top tip for a cool conservatory we can offer is to pick a purpose and stick to it. Don’t let piles of ironing or plastic toys creep their way in if you want to use it as a dining room. It’s a fab extra room, not a dumping ground! Keep it light and airy – too much stuff will make it feel, well, stuffy and oppressive.