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Top tips for cosy conservatories

Most people with a conservatory see it as a brilliant extra living space – so why shut that off just because the weather’s colder? Here’s how to get your space feeling cosy.

  1. Choose cosy shades

Choosing colours with warm undertones is a great way to visually warm up your space. This cosy orange here is great for adding warmth in the colder months – and when the sun’s shining, you’ll get a lovely glow through the Pleated blinds.

Dance Orange (2)1

2. Go for snug folds

Roman blinds are another great choice for conservatories, as the lined fabric helps to trap the heat. The soft folds of fabric are a brilliant way to make yourself feel more snug, and if you choose a pattern like this one called Autumn Leaves, you’ll give a nod to cosy times too.

close up

3. Opt for clever honeycomb

We speak a lot about our clever EcoPleat blinds, but the point remains – the honeycomb design means they’ll help to keep things more temperate all year round. That means when the mercury drops, it’s a helping hand to keep things cosier.


4. Layer oodles of cushions

There’s nothing like getting snuggled up on a sofa bursting with cushions when the weather outside leaves a lot to be desired. So if you use your conservatory as a sitting room, be sure to include lots of cushions, and the odd throw for the chillier evenings. Customer Michelle’s nailed it in her home.


5. Go more drastic

Of course, the last four top tips can’t save the draughtiest of conservatories. Be sure to keep an eye on edges and seal any big gaps. And if there’s more money in the pot, consider updating glazing or the roof to more eco styles.

Finally, if you don’t have one already, try installing a radiator in the space, or even underfloor heating. They’re all great ways to help you get more out of your conservatory.