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Top tips for measuring your windows for conservatory blinds

Measuring for conservatory blinds can seem daunting – there are such a lot of windows! But with a little patience and a bit of knowhow, it really is a doddle. Take a look at our top tips.

Take a moment

It can be really tempting to dive straight in, but before you do, take a moment to decide exactly what you want. You’ll save yourself wasted time if choose the type of blinds you’d like before you start measuring, as you’ll measure in a slightly different way depending on which you choose.

If you’re finding it hard to decide, here are some key benefits to each type…

Yellow Pleated blind

Roman blinds are great for a cosy feel

Roller blinds are practical and available in lots of different designs

Pleated blinds create a lovely glow at the window

– If light and privacy control are a concern, try a Vertical or Venetian blind

Wooden blinds create a modern, sophisticated effect

Perfect Fit blinds clip into uPVC frames without the need for drilling, and are available in our Venetian and Pleated ranges

Sit down with a cuppa

Wait! It’s still not time to jump in just yet. We’ve a handy selection of videos perfect for advising you on how to measure for all blind types, including Perfect Fit, as well as shutters. Step-by-step, they’ll take you through just how easy it is to measure up a window, and we recommend you watch them before getting started. They’re also available in PDF form.


Get the equipment

Grabbing a pad to write down your measurements is a great idea. Writing down your measurements on your phone or tablet is fine, but it’s easy to tap the wrong number and write down your measurements incorrectly. Go old-school and put pen to paper instead.


Putting pen to paper

We also advise using a metal tape measure rather than a fabric one to ensure the most accurate measurements.

Measure and measure again

We recommend taking three measurements across different parts of the window, as we all know nothing is ever truly square in a house! It’ll give you peace of mind, and stop you from making any silly mistakes. And of course, it will ensure your made-to-measure blinds fit perfectly, and are a doddle to fit.