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Vertical Blind That Graphs Its Own Usage!

It is difficult to know where to start with what could quite possibly be the geekiest vertical blind in the world.

Engineering masterpiece? A revolution in interior design? A sly nod to the directing genius of Alfred Hitchcock in the form of a vertical blind? Believe me, that is actually a valid statement. However you want to describe the genius behind Ishac Bertran and Gizem Boyacioglu’s mechanical window shade, there is no denying that it is a captivating focal point.

The two students from Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, have created a motorised vertical blind with four settings that actually graphs the way it is used. La Ventana Indiscreta as it has been named; which is Spanish for Indiscreet Window, the Spanish title of Alfred Hitchcocks’ Rear Window (told you!); blends a modern interface with an age old household item to produce a blind that is truly unique.

Vertical Blind That Graphs Its Own Usage!

By using the simple settings feature on the control cord, identified by engravings on the beads, you can choose to have the blind fully open, half open, closed or as a graph that shows the last seven days usage. Strange but true.

Yes, setting number four actually rearranges the various elements of the vertical blind to plot what setting the blind has been on over the last 7 days.

If you want to add something a little bit different to a room, something that is as much of a talking point as it is a focal point, then La Ventana Indiscreta is just the job.

However, we can’t help noticing that as far as an effective window shade goes, it is maybe lacking somewhat, but it does look jolly interesting.