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What are the best blinds for large windows?

Choosing the best blinds for large windows

– Vertical blinds can be made to really large dimensions

– Shutters are great for large doors and windows

– The slats of Fauxwood blinds offer privacy

– Choose a sheer Pleated blind to keep prying eyes out

If you’re lucky enough to have big windows in your home, then you’ll definitely want to make the most of them. But with all that lovely glass comes a few problems – think light and privacy control – and that’s where blinds come in. Here are our top tips.

How to choose

When choosing your blinds for large windows, make sure you know what the feeling is you’d like to create. Windows are a big feature in the home, so blinds can really make the difference. Why not take the opportunity to make a statement with a bright colour? For particularly wide windows, you might find it useful to have more than one blind. Not only does that mean you can span greater spaces, but it also means you can pinpoint privacy issues and glare without blocking out all the light.

If you’ve large windows, blinds are important for security too. Glass extensions, bi-fold doors and panoramic windows are all lovely features, but they can cause a problem if the world can see not only all your business but your belongings too! So getting your blinds right is more than just a design issue.

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds really come into their own when it comes to large windows. Lots of our fabrics can be made up to a fantastic 3m wide and 4m long, so they’re perfect for panoramic panes. Use them as we have here for conservatory sides – they’ll gather up really small to one edge or split neatly in the middle depending on your preference – or place in a big bay window for maximum light control.

Luna-Blue-Vertical-Blind Hillarys Nme

Lots of people are putting bi-fold and panoramic patio doors into their home. All that extra light is glorious, but overlooked homeowners might struggle with privacy. If you don’t want to lose the light, choose a sheer option like we have here.



Loads of our customers are looking to shutters to dress their big windows. This bathroom has unusual floor length windows, so shutters are a great solution. The real beauty of shutters is just how customisable they are: you can choose a wide range of different panel folds to accommodate larger expanses.


Fauxwood blinds

Customer Amanda was drawn to her holiday home by the massive windows. She dressed the beautiful sash windows with Fauxwood blinds. Choosing Fauxwood is a great choice for big windows, as the lighter material means they can be made to larger specifications.


Pleated blinds

Pleated blinds are another smart choice as they fold up really neatly. That way, when you pull your blinds up to the top of the window in the morning, you can enjoy maximum light throughout the day. And then when night falls and privacy calls, simply pull them down. They also look really lovely as part of a suite of blinds – you’ll be able to pinpoint glare. Or why not go wild and choose different colours for each blind? It’s sure to make a serious statement!