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What are the best blinds for privacy?

The best blinds for privacy at a glance

Choose blinds with slats or sheer fabrics to help maximise your privacy at overlooked windows.

  1. Vertical blinds
  2. Sheer Roller blinds
  3. Wooden blinds
  4. Shutters

Glass extensions, patio doors, conservatories, panoramic windows. They’re all gorgeous and let the light flood in, but if you’re overlooked, you might struggle with privacy. Luckily, blinds are a brilliant way to guard against any peeping eyes. Here are the best blinds for privacy…

Vertical blinds

Blinds with louvres are a great choice, as you can cleverly tilt them for privacy without blocking the light completely. Vertical blinds are really great at going the distance too – spanning those massive windows and expansive doors we love at the moment! Some of our blinds can be made as wide at 4.8m, with most available up to 3m. You’ll find a whole host of different colour options, so whether you’re a neutral lover or like to make a colour statement, you’ll find the perfect option on our site.


We’ve even got sheer Vertical blinds for brilliant daytime privacy, like this White Sugar fabric, which brings us nicely onto our next option…

Sheer fabrics

A Roller blind in a sheer fabric is another really smart choice. For daytime privacy, you’ll be able to keep it pulled down without blocking all the light out. And for privacy day and night,try layering with a blackout Roman blind too. Or why not option for a sheer and a blackout Roller blind fitted over each other? It’s a smart way to make your home work harder. Similarly, choosing a Pleated blind will still let the light in but offer enhanced privacy. Lots of our customers say they create a lovely glowing effect at the window.


Wooden blinds

Wooden blinds have horizontal slats which are great for obscuring the view and are a cosier alternative to Vertical blinds (the natural material helps to bring the outside in). They’re particularly gorgeous for protecting your modesty in bedrooms and keeping eyes out of front-facing living rooms. Top tip – slightly tilt the slats so the downwards direction faces outside to make it more difficult to see during the daytime. Take Wooden blinds one step further by choosing an option with tape. They’ll give you a shutter-style effect, which brings us nicely on to our final suggestion..



Just like Wooden blinds, shutters are ever-so tactile and perfect for privacy. But there’s an extra feature. When you choose tier-on-tier shutters, you can open the top and bottom sections separately. Picture this – let the light flood in the top and make sure the neighbours aren’t getting more than they bargained for by leaving the bottom closed. Alternatively, café style shutters only cover the bottom half of the window so are great for privacy in places like front rooms or rooms which are very close to the street.