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What are the best blinds to keep light out?

British Summertime has arrived which signals the start of long light evenings and early sunrises. All this extra light can play havoc with your sleeping pattern, so take a look at our guide to blackout blinds in the bedroom and beyond. We’ll take you through the basics of each type of blackout blind.

Roman blinds


Roman blinds have an extra blackout lining which provide an extra layer of protection. And the great news is, because the lining is separate, you can choose from our full range of Roman blind designs.

Megan and Oli used a Roman blind with a blackout lining in their guest room. In the day, it’s a lovely light and airy space. But at night, thanks to a blackout Roman blind, it’s dark and snuggly.

Roller blinds

Blackout Roller fabrics have a special coating on the reverse, that stops sunlight getting through. The range includes cute designs for kids’ rooms as well as more sophisticated patterns and versatile plains.

Kid's room

A blackout blind is a must for a children’s room (wide-awake children at 5am does not a happy morning make). Colin went for a plain white option, knowing his little ones can be prone to changing their minds, and let other furniture and accessories in the room do the talking.

Velux® blinds


Lofts are often associated with bedrooms, and with more and more of us converting our upstairs spaces, we want to ensure a good night’s sleep. The best bit about Velux® and Skylight blinds is that the frame helps to reduce light flare (that is light that creeps in around the edge of the blind). That coupled with the blackout coating means this white blind is perfect for helping to make things super dark.

Perfect Fit blinds

Web-Blinds, Perfect Fit blinds have the added benefit of a frame to reduce light flare in a similar way. That’s why they’re a really smart choice for a child’s bedroom or for particularly light sleepers.

Top tips

  • If you’re worried about light creeping in at the edges of your blind, try layering with curtains. Or choose a Perfect Fit option
  • Alternatively, layer a recess and exact fitting blind (one inside the frame, and one outside) to stop light rays from disturbing your sleep