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What’s trending for Autumn/Winter 2012?

Art Deco

The Jazz Age, Roaring Twenties, Silent Era. However you refer to it, the period between the two great wars that gave birth to Art Deco style was one of decadence and wealth.

Glamour often thrives during or after periods of recession as hard times call for high hopes – and the opulence of art deco splendour followed hot on the heels of World War 1. A glamorous décor boosts the mood and transforms the home into an uplifting place to be.

Although the current economic climate has led to a more pared down, simplistic approach to the way we decorate our homes, themes that are influenced by Art Deco are definitely coming to the fore.

This is the prediction of Hannah Johnson, product manager for web-blinds, who believes that the success of silent movie The Artist and the anticipation and hype around the release of F Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, is having a big impact on both fashion and interiors.Black Venetian Blind

“Colour schemes will be influenced by the simple but powerful Art Deco combination of black, white and gold, along with mirrored surfaces and geometric designs,” adds Hannah.

“And as with any trend, to avoid a contrived look, the key is to mix it in appropriately, perhaps with a few well chosen accessories such as cushions and blinds.

“A shimmering black venetian blind gives a wonderful backdrop to an Art Deco scheme. Blingtastic!”