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Why making more of your bay window is a vital step towards achieving your dream décor

Bay Window Pleated Blind

What’s in your bay window right now? If you can’t answer straight away then the chances are that you’re not making enough of what should be the focal point of a room.

All too often, a room with a bay window gets treated like an everyday square or rectangular space, without much thought given to how to use the alcove. But actually, this light and airy recess can be so much more.

Sunshine is an interior designer’s best friend; the soft and warming rays add a sense of depth to a décor. Natural light also has the knack of making us feel better – so we should take advantage of its abundance in the space at our bay windows.

Given proper consideration, your bay window can be used to create an additional element for a room or as part of a whole. This means cutting back on the dead space and composing a décor that incorporates every bit of the room.

For the creative types, a bay window is the perfect place for getting on with a bit of writing, painting or crafting. What could be a better source of inspiration – or distraction – than a panorama of your garden? Put a desk or an easel in a bay and give the space a definite purpose, while still being able to use the rest of the room for more traditional pursuits.

A bay window in the kitchen is the absolute ideal spot for a small table and chairs. Tucking away these furnishings in the alcove provides extra space for the house chef to prepare their masterpieces.

In the living room, a sofa at a bay window can help create a super-cosy space. This ‘snug’ is ideal for quiet nights and conversation time, as well as being in prime position for making the most of any sunshine.

Bay Window Roman Blind

And of course, your wonderful bay window will require a suitably stunning dressing. You’ll find all manner of options in our collection – Roman blinds look fantastic, especially when they are layered with curtains.

You can find more advice about choosing blinds for bay windows in our inspiration section.