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Why Perfect Fit Pleated blinds are perfect for conservatories

Conservatories are spaces to be enjoyed all year round. And Perfect Fit Pleated blinds can really help with that. Here’s why they’re so suited to the sunniest room of the home.

1. No drilling involved

In a room full of windows like a conservatory, no-drill blinds – specially designed for uPVC windows – are a big plus. There’s no mess and it also means no drilling into your sealed uPVC units. Take a look at our fitting guides here to check they’ll fit yours.


2. Child safe

If you’ve children running around, here’s another key benefit of Perfect Fit Pleated blinds – they’re inherently child safe. The clever tab operating system means no cords so nowhere inquisitive little ones could get into bother.


3. Oodles of benefits for doors

Patio doors can be tricky to dress, but with Perfect Fit Pleated blinds it’s a doddle. Customer Naomi chose Gradola Vista blinds for a look that’s not only gorgeous, but super practical too. The blinds won’t sway in the breeze even if her doors are open and there’s no risk of them getting in the way – even when her cheeky dog is running in and out.

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4. Extra room for decoration

Naomi’s stylish space also showed another great benefit to the blind type – they leave your window sills free. In a room like a conservatory where there often is very little wall space for decoration, that’s a real bonus. Time to stack up those trinkets.

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5. Super snug

Our Perfect Fit blinds are also available with our EcoPleat fabrics. These clever honeycomb Pleated blinds help to trap heat in your room so it’s more temperate all year round – warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Now that’s super clever.