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Window, blind and interior myths debunked

Now Christmas and New Year are distant memories, lots of us will be thinking about doing up our homes. So what are you waiting for? Maybe these common myths are stopping you. Don’t sweat, we’ll debunk them.

Myth 1: Measuring and fitting blinds and shutters is hard

Even if you’re no DIY-whizz, we know you’ll get on just fine with measuring and fitting. We’ve put together the simplest of instructions in PDF and video form to hold your hand from beginning to end.


Myth 2: Patio doors are best left undressed

For busy families with kids running in and out, practical is best. Some people think blinds need to take up a lot of room at patio doors, but those people haven’t made friends with a nifty little solution called Perfect Fit.


They are super neat and won’t flap about and get in the way. Of course, this clever system works for patio doors and beyond – choose from our Pleated and Venetian options.

Myth 3: Colours can’t clash

Lots of us love neutral colours like beige and grey. But that doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with bright shades too. If you’re bored of single accent colours, there’s nothing to stop you going wild and bringing two or more bright shades together, like we have here in this cheeky, retro bedroom. Blinds are a great, low-commitment way to bring this to life.


Myth 4: North-facing rooms should be painted in light colours

Now dark, moody colours aren’t for everyone, but here’s the thing… Your north-facing box room that’s in shadow 22 hours a day is always going to be dark. So stop fighting it, and work the cosy look instead. Go all out with a lined Roman blind from our stylish selection.