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Your FAWW (Frequently Asked Window Woes)

We know a thing or two about window dressings, it’s true. So it’s no wonder loads of you come to us with your burning window questions. And sometimes we see a theme occurring. Here’s a selection of those window woes we hear again and again – along with some handy solutions.

How do I dress a bay window?

Ah, the bay window. We love them but until you know how, they can seem seriously tricky to dress. If you’re overlooked, blinds with louvres like a Vertical blind are perfect for the job. Or you might like to soften the edges with Romans. Either way we’ve really great guides to measuring and fitting to hold your hand through the whole process.


What should I put at patio doors?

Throwing open the doors for some fresh air is a lovely thought, but sometimes you need a little privacy. No one likes to stare into a black chasm of garden when it’s dark, so how about a Perfect Fit blind instead? If you’ve never heard of them, they’ve a pretty impressive list of credentials. They simply clip into your uPVC frames, they won’t sway in the breeze, and they’re available in Pleated and Venetian styles. We could go on, but have a look for yourself here

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What are the best blinds for kitchens and bathrooms?

Damp and steamy rooms demand a hardworking blind. Try a water-resistant Roller blind, or if you’d prefer a blind with slats, our Fauxwood choices are perfect. Or you could make a real style statement with a waterproof shutter.

Luxford Natural

How can I ensure my blinds are safe for my children?

Children naturally want to be involved in everything, so safeguarding is key. Every single blind with a chain we make comes with child-safety devices to ensure the blind is pulled taut. We also offer the option of cordless Roller blinds, while shutters and Perfect Fit blinds are inherently child-safe too.

Spring Grey

How do I stop my conservatory from feeling like a sauna one minute and a freezer the next?

For rooms with temperatures more up and down than a rollercoaster, EcoPleat Pleated blinds are just the thing and act as perfect conservatory blinds. The honeycomb structure traps a layer of air to stop the glass from acting like a greenhouse in the summer and a freezer in the winter. So the result is a more temperate space all year round. Win win.

 Dance Citrus